Who We Are

GCF Foundation has provided free online learning through GCF Global Learning to millions world-wide for nearly 20 years. We are a foundation committed to helping people of all ages around the world better themselves by gaining a deeper understanding of a new interest or brushing up on a skill they already know. While online learning isn't a new concept, it is not always free. We remain dedicated to offering our educational resources - absolutely free, to everyone.

Who We Help

Whether you are learning a new skill to be competitive in the job market, a homeschool parent searching for additional help with home education, or you only need to brush up on something you already know by finding an answer to a quick question - we can help. Our online resources are just a click away anytime, anywhere. We offer more than 200 topics, 2,000 lessons, 1,000 videos and more than 50 games and interactive opportunities. Anyone can benefit from our free online learning resources made possible by GCF Foundation and GCF Global Learning.

Why We Care

GCF Foundation and GCF Global Learning believe if we thrive as individuals, then we thrive as a community, nation and world. Helping others isn't just an idea; it's who we are. That is why for nearly 20 years we have offered free online learning to millions world-wide. We believe in creating opportunities for a better life and we believe no one should be excluded based on financial status. Our resources are completely free, and available online, anytime.

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